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Khidmat Nasihat

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Mohon untuk menterjemahkan dalam bahasa malaysia A measure was created to evaluate the ethical influence of significant others. Here the criteria to meet include (a) the frequency with which direct supervisors and peers offer cues concerning ethical behaviour to respondents and (b) respondents’ perception of the strength of those ethical cues, again defined as the clarity message. As with the measures described above, existing item were pooled from the ethics literature and evaluation for the usefulness in meeting the above criteria. For the peer scale, four items fell on a single factor, which two additional item did not included. This item (how often do peer discuss past or current organizational ethical dilemma with you) and (how often do peers speak with you about the organization’s ethical guidelines?) both concern peers discussing ethics rather than acting in some ethical or unethical manners or stating their opinions on ethics in a generalized manner. Although no range restriction exist for these item, their mean (2.26 and 2.33) do indicate that they are substantially less frequent than the occurrences discussed in the other ‘peer’ itemsKhidmat Nasihat DBP tidak menyediakan khidmat terjemahan teks atau dokumen. Apa yang dapat kami bantu ialah menyemak teks atau dokumen yang telah diterjemahkan terlebih dahulu.Penyemakan dan penterjemahan26.12.2014

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